Sadé Kay 

Videographer - Editor - Producer


Sadé Kiara Askew was born and raised in Detroit, MI and molded at Florida A&M University. After graduating from college in 2012, she spent five years as a local news producer before realizing her heart was into telling deeper, more meaningful stories. In 2017 she wrote her last tragic news story in Orlando, and moved to Atlanta with one goal in mind- showcase the unique stories and talents of the people there, especially African Americans. That's when Sadé Kay Creates, LLC was born. 

Sadé stepped out on faith when starting her company which is why she uses her platform to bring the best out of people through video. While also working to become one of the top filmmakers, Sadé uses her company to help motivate entrepreneurs or anyone else looking to expose their passions. She also enjoys being there and capturing special moments and events. 


Sadé looks to push her culture forward with her work while sparking conversation and meaningful change to the world.